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Welcome to Phagoflux:

Pioneering Autophagy Monitoring Technology 

PhagoFlux is committed to reshape the landscape of research and healthcare.

At Phagoflux, we’re pioneering groundbreaking sensing technology, revolutionising how we monitor cell health. Our products quantify autophagic flux, offering a promising avenue to transform research and healthcare. 


Autophagy, much like regular car maintenance, is a vital intracellular cleaning process that prevents the accumulation of toxic materials within cells. At its core, ‘autophagic flux’ signifies the speed at which these harmful substances are efficiently removed through autophagy. Inadequate autophagy has been closely linked to accelerated ageing and the early onset of age-related ailments such as diabetes, cancer, and notably, Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore, accurately measuring autophagy activity holds immense significance.

Our mission is to deliver devices that are precise and that provide accessible solutions that enhance both research and healthcare, ultimately contributing to a healthier, brighter future.

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